Introducing Pony Up Daddy - 
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Kids, Put Away Your Electronics and Pony Up!
Saddle Up & Transform 
Your World!
Kids can use their imagination to go on a wild safari or adventure through the jungle - the sky's the limit with Pony Up Daddy!

No More Ripped Collars 
or Broken Jewelry!
Pony Up Daddy is tough enough to handle the roughest cowboys & gals, giving your shirts & jewelry a break!

Family Playtime Is 
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Turn off TVs & phones & enjoy quality bonding time, exercise, & fun with the whole family – no apps required!
Hey Kids, Yank, Tug and Pull All You Want… The Pony Up Daddy Can Take it!
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Playing together is the perfect way to strengthen the relationship with your kids & create amazing memories you'll both treasure for life! We wanted to build something to make that playtime experience even better & more fun - with that, the Pony Up Daddy Saddle was born!

Easy-to-use & constructed with the highest-quality materials, Pony Up Daddy is the fun new way for daddies, mommies, grandparents & more to give pony rides like never before! So go on and take a break from video games & expensive toys - it's time to play with your kids again!
Whether you're a mounted policeman or knight...
Just Grab on & Hold Tight for a Pony Ride Day or Night!
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